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Vietnam visa extension

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Who is offered Vietnam visa extension and renewal?

Vietnam visa extension is applied for those with current expiring Vietnam visa. Yet, visa renewal is for those who are offered Vietnam visa exemption within certain period of time but now would like to stay longer.

What to remember to have Vietnam visa extension or renewal?

The easiest way of Vietnam visa extension/renewal is to have a Vietnamese travel agency extend or renew it for you.

Please be reminded that your visa for Vietnam could only be extended/renewed once, and the maximum period you could ask for extension/renewal is 30 days (one month single or multiple entry)

The processing time for both Vietnam visa extension and renewal is about 5-7 working days (Monday-Friday)

The Vietnam visa extension/renewal fee may change between different periods of time and between different arrival airports, which varies from $25 to more than $50.

How to get Vietnam visa extension or renewal?

Please kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Send us your scanned passport with the current Vietnam visa page to for us to check the extension/renewal fee for you

Step 2:  We will inform you the fee via email/phone after 1 or 2 hours, then please directly send us your original passport & make payment so that we could process your visa extension/renewal

Step 3:  Receive your passport with renewed/extended Vietnam visa from us after a couple of days (5-7 working days)

Or more simply, just call us at +84 962 655 556 or our hotline +84 966 56 99 56, or email us at for detailed instructions about Vietnam visa extension.

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