At present, with the recovery and development of the economy, the whole country has entered a new stage of prevention and control of epidemic covid-19. More and more technical experts, skilled workers, and business managers want to work in Vietnam.

ベトナムビジネスビザは、DN1とDN2ビザとして分類され、ベトナムに入国するビジネス目的のために与えられます。 DN1ビザ-ベトナムの法律に従って他のビジネスと組織と法的地位で働く外国人に与えられること。

October 21, 2020


베트남 이민 국 의 새로운 통지 에 따라, 베트남 에 비자 발급 에 관 한 새로운 정책 에 대하 여, 우 리 는 삼가 고객 에 게 아래 와 같이 통지 합 니 다. 비 즈 니스 비자: 3 개 월 에 한 번 씩 입국 하 는 비 즈 니스 비 자 는 다음 […]

At present, Vietnam has resumed visa application, but many customers have asked us whether they can enter Vietnam with an APEC card or Vietnam temporary residence card (TRC)? APEC card, Vietnam temporary residence card (TRC) cannot be used to enter Vietnam directly at present. All experts and investors who want to come to Vietnam need […]

Updated October 12, 2020:  all people who come to Vietnam are required to take the isolation for 14 days. How to apply for a Vietnam business visa? At present, foreign experts who have Vietnam guarantee companies can apply for a Vietnamese business visa.

According to the new notice of the Vietnamese Immigration Bureau, we would like to inform our clients of the new policy of issuing visa to Vietnam as follows: Tourist visa: continue to suspend the granting of all nationalities to ensure control of COVID 19. Business visa: business visa for a single entry in three months […]

At present, the Vietnamese border is still closed, and the government has not specified when it will open again. There is so much information recently that many tourists don’t think that information is reliable.

According to the regulations of the Immigration Bureau, foreigners’ overstaying will be subject to administrative sanctions for violating the social security order or even be blacklisted. If you are on the blacklist of the Vietnam Immigration Bureau, your next visit to Vietnam becomes more complicated and difficult and even refused entry.

As you know, the Vietnam landing visa is one of the visas issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Bureau, which aims to help foreign tourists save more time and money. However, applicants sometimes feel a bit uneasy about some of the drawbacks of getting a visa only when they arrive in Vietnam.

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