November 14, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

An Introduction of Vietnam E-Visa 2020

Every person has different dreams to achieve.  The world is full of different kinds of people and traditions. If you love traveling to different countries and explore the beauty and cultural heritage of these places, then you should have a valid visa and passport to enter and live in that country for a limited period. One of the beautiful countries with rich culture and natural beauty in Vietnam. It is a country which attracts tourist towards its culture and beauty. People visit Vietnam for a different reason for tourism as well as business purpose.

Vietnam e-Visa is a visa that is available by applying through an online process that is available for people of 80 countries (List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa). All the process, like payment and delivery of the e-Visa, is completely done online, which takes about 3 working days. Let us discuss more Vietnam visa 2020 in detail.

What is Vietnam e-Visa 2020?

Every year there are minor or significant changes in the procedure of Vietnam e-visa, and accordingly, the rules have been discussed, and amendments are done, and we will discuss the list of what you need to be aware of Vietnam e-visa 2020 now –

There are different mediums through which you can obtain a diverse variety of visas according to your needs and choices. You can put in an application for a visa on arrival and e- visa for traveling to Vietnam. Vietnam e-visa is a type of visa which is available by using online and is offered by the Vietnam Immigration Department to the people who want to enter the country. The validity of this visa is for 30 days and can be used only for a single entry. You usually receive your e-visa in 3 working days, and if you need it urgently, there is a different process for that known as a Rush process.

Some more details of Vietnam E-Visa 2020:

  • The Vietnam E-Visa 2020 is applicable for single entry only.
  • The people having E-Visa can stay in Vietnam for 30 consecutive days from the initial entry date applied in the form.
  • Children having their passport should also complete a full E-Visa application. Children aged 14 and below will be included on their parent’s passport will also be included on their parent’s E-Visa application.
  • Travelers should carry a copy of their E-Visa along with them all the time during their stay.
  • Travelers, while staying in Vietnam, need to follow Vietnamese law. 

Which nationality is available for the Vietnam e-Visa?

Before applying, for the Vietnam e-visa 2020 be sure that your nationality falls under the category of those 80 countries which are eligible for Vietnam e-Visa

List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa 

Vietnam e-Visa 2020 Requirements:

  • A person having a passport which is valid for six months
  • You will require a passport photograph in .jpg format (4×6, having a white background, without glasses) size which will be needed for a passport data page.
  • You should have a valid international credit/ debit card
  • You should provide an active email address for any assistance in the future.
  • Mention your entry/exit dates and entry/exit airports. 

How to receive the Vietnam e-Visa ?

When you have finished the online application process of e-visa, the immigration department will send you the confirmation email with the information about when they will deliver the e-visa to you.

After this, you will be getting your e-visa with the attached instruction letter in which they will elaborate on the process of entering Vietnam and sent it to you by email.

If you do not receive your e-visa after three working days, you should check the status with the immigration department. In case you get your e-visa, you should take out the print out of Vietnam e-visa 2020 and carry two copies of it while traveling in case of an emergency.

How the Vietnam e-Visa look like?

The Vietnam e-visa 2020 will have your full name and other personal information provided by you, the date of validity of your e-visa will be mentioned, and the port you have chosen for entry. It is of imperative importance that all the information in e-visa is precisely the same as in your passport. In case anything is inconsistent, they will prohibit you from entering Vietnam. So for any hindrance in the future, please avoid any mistake and cross-check your information twice before final submission.

A sample of an eVisa Vietnam

How to Use Your e-Visa in Vietnam?

As per the rules by the immigration department, Vietnam e-visa 2020 will be valid for entry at all 33 international checkpoints that are within the country, which includes eight international airports, nine international seaports, and16 international land-ports. List of Ports that allowed foreigners enter and exit Vietnam by E-visa.

Once you have arrived in Vietnam, you should go directly to Passport Control counter where your passport, along with printed e-Visa, will be submitted to the officer on duty. After the verification process, the officer will put the entry stamp into your passport, which you can use in Vietnam at all places wherever needed. It gives you a green signal for entering Vietnam.

Some frequently asked questions about Vietnam e-Visa 2020

Q1.  Is there a provision of getting an extension on a 30-day e-Visa?

Yes, there is a provision of getting an extension on a visa valid for 30 days, but this is possible only from within Vietnam.

Q2.  Is it possible to enter Vietnam after the entry date on my application?

Yes, it is possible as your visa has a validity of 30 days, and you can enter anytime in Vietnam within those specified start to end dates mentioned.

Q3. Is there a need to stand in a queue at the Visa on Arrival counter in Vietnam?

There is no need to queue at Visa on Arrival counter; as per guidelines, you can directly bring your printed e-Visa and passport to the immigration counter.

Q4. What price has to be paid to obtain Vietnam e-visa 2020?

The price/cost decided to be paid to obtain Vietnam e-visa 2020 is USD 25. Please note that the fund is non-refundable.


Vietnam is a beautiful Southeast Asian country known for its beaches, Buddhist pagodas, rivers, and cities too. Vietnam is becoming an increasingly famous travel destination due to its beauty and budget-friendliness.

Vietnam is a mesmerizing country in South East Asia with myriad experiences in-store. From historic sites, Buddhist pagodas, to rivers, beaches, and incredible natural landscapes- the country has a lot to offer.

If you are planning your next vacations in beautiful Vietnam with your family or friends, then initialize with the visa on arrival requirements to plan your trip correctly. In brief, a Vietnam visa is available on arrival.

Visiting a country is not possible without a valid visa. That document or piece of paper can be coined as the gateway to another country.

Vietnam is one of the most attractive Asian countries. The vast and copious landscape of Vietnam expands for 1,650 km from north to south.

Introduction Vietnam is a beautiful country situated in Southeast Asia with spectacular mountains, golden sand beaches, and peaceful cities. Therefore it attracts travelers towards itself.

Are you thinking of visiting Vietnam? Then you need to be aware of Vietnam electronic visa or Vietnam e-visa application. Vietnam e-visa is the most comfortable way to get your visa or permission done.