November 11, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

Easy Procedure On “How To Apply Vietnam Visa On Arrival 2020”

If you are planning your next vacations in beautiful Vietnam with your family or friends, then initialize with the visa on arrival requirements to plan your trip correctly.

In brief, a Vietnam visa is available on arrival. It is known as a process to obtain a pre-approved visa letter (also known as a visa approval letter), which is mandatory for applying for the Vietnam visa on arrival. It needs to be checked at the departure airport and also needs to pick up the actual visa stamp at a Vietnam international airport upon your arrival.

Thus, the name of this visa type itself responds to the inquiry “Where to get Vietnam visa?”, since “Vietnam Visa on arrival” signifies “The Vietnam visa got upon landing in the air terminal in Vietnam.”

Vietnam visa on arrival is the legal requirement that is posted in the Vietnam immigration laws at the official site of Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs – thus, the Vietnamese Government embraces it. Furthermore, having been perceived by the International Air Traffic Associations, Vietnam Visa on arrival is no odd thing in the travel industry.

Who Are All Eligible For the Vietnam Visa?

Mostly all the visitors except the one which is listed on the Vietnam exemption list only requires a valid passport and a visa to enter or visit the country.

And the one who enters the country explicitly by air at one of the Vietnam international airports is required to apply for the visa on arrival approval letter.

Essential documents required to apply for the visa on arrival:

  • A Valid passport (minimum of 6 months of validity from the date of applying for the visa).
  • Credit, Debit or Pay pal account to pay the required fee to get the visa approval letter.
  • Personal information and IDs proofs needed to fill the details on an online application form.

Benefits of Picking the Visa on Arrival Option

The visa on arrival is beneficial as it offers:

  • Convenience – An online procedure which is convenient for the applicants as no requirements to send the passport for permission.
  • Cost-effective– Relatively a cost-effective option when compared to other options of getting the Vietnam visa, or it is relatively cheap than the embassy visa also.
  • Fast and quick approvals – On average, for the standard processing, it will take around 2 working days for standard processing, and one can quickly obtain a visa approval letter within a minimum of 2-3 and a maximum of 8 hours in emergency cases.

How to Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival 2020?

The procedure on how to apply Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 is divided into four essential steps which are as follows:

Step 1- An Online Application for Filing the Visa Approval Letter Form

At this step, you are required to provide your personal information of the applicant, including Full name as in your international ID, date of birth, identification number, nationality (as per your passport) and your travel plan with the date of entering or exiting Vietnam.

The procedure may take 2 working days for standard processing of visa requirements and four or eight working hours in the case of any urgency.

The online application process is an initiative taken years back by the Vietnam Government and Vietnam Immigration Department to help the visitors in saving their time and money on getting their visas for Vietnam.

Step 2- Confirm Your Online Application Details to Complete the Payment

It would be ideal if you double-check to guarantee the data is right; any change after paying the necessary payment or fee will be charged extra.

You can make payment with your Credit/Debit Card or also utilizing PayPal or pay through Western Union as per your preference.

Stage 3- Receive Your Visa Approval Letter Over Your Email

Within 2 working days, as we have mentioned earlier also, expect the arrival of your online visa over your registered email Id.

In the email, you will receive the visa approval letter using an attached entry and exit form also. Then at the next step, print a hard copy of the visa letter and the Vietnamese visa application form available in form NA1.

Start complying with the list of essential documents with you to save your time at the arrival in Vietnam:

  • Print a hard copy of the visa approval letter
  • Print, fill, sign and attach photo for the Vietnamese visa application form and bring it with you for your Vietnam visa on arrival (No need to send it to the embassy)
  • Original passport

In addition to the above documents, carry an Additional visa fee (visa stamp), which is payable at the airport to the Vietnam immigration department. The stamping fee structures as per your visa requirement are as follows:

  • 25 USD for the single entry visa (for one and 3-month visa with single entry)
  • 50 USD for the multiple entry visa (for the one month and three-month visa with multiple entry)
  • 95 USD for six months multiple entries
  • 135 USD for a one-year multiple entry visa.

You can fill, sign, and append your latest photograph on the Vietnamese visa application form as required in the NA1 form to save your time on arrival at the airport. Photo Guide

Thus, keep all the documents as mentioned above and things readily available with your valid passport for the Immigration purpose in front of the immigration offers to get your visa stamped on arrival.

Step 4- Visa Stamp on Arrival

After you land at any one of the seven international air terminals in Vietnam, you will see a bolt immediate to the “Vietnam Landing Visa Office” directly in front of the passport control option.

For all the visitors, you have to visit the office with all the essentials as required or mentioned in step 3 for visa stamping.

Thus, carry your valid passport, the visa approval letter, and a duly filled and signed copy of your Vietnamese visa application form (Form NA1).

Congratulations to you for getting your visa stamped, and you are eligible to roam or explore the most dynamic Vietnam city.

In the end, it is recommended to ensure that all the details are correctly mentioned on your visa as per the visa approval letter before existing the counter. And in case of any errors, get it corrected from the officer.


Visiting a country is not possible without a valid visa. That document or piece of paper can be coined as the gateway to another country.

Vietnam is one of the most attractive Asian countries. The vast and copious landscape of Vietnam expands for 1,650 km from north to south.

Introduction Vietnam is a beautiful country situated in Southeast Asia with spectacular mountains, golden sand beaches, and peaceful cities. Therefore it attracts travelers towards itself.

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