November 6, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

Latest News for Vietnam E-Visa 2020

Visiting a country is not possible without a valid visa. That document or piece of paper can be coined as the gateway to another country. Vietnam, the place known for its fight-back against the US force and defeating the mighty army, allows a traveller to cross their border with Vietnam e-visa. This Vietnam e-visa facility is available for 81 selected countries. We will share that list in this article.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, you can register for an e-visa. E-visa or electronic visa is a better option because you do not have to file for the visa in the embassy over the course. Vietnam is one of the most attractive Asian countries and a perfect place for tourists. The expansion from north to south is 1650 Km, and the coastline stretches over 3000 Km. As a visitor, you can enjoy the place.

To visit the place, you need to file for the Vietnam e-visa. Check out the following details to know your e-visa requirements :

  • A valid passport
  • A passport size photo
  • Data with personal information
  • About $25 for your Vietnam e-visa (It’s single entry for 30 days).

Here, you need to note the fact that you can get the Vietnam e-visa for 30 days only. This e-visa will let you stay in the country for a month.

Vietnam E-Visa: Eligible countries

People from different countries visit Vietnam every year. There are no restrictions related to applying for a Vietnam visa. But when it comes to applying for Vietnam e-visa, only residents of 81 selected countries can apply for Vietnam e-Visa.

Here is the list of those countries:

Venezuela Netherland Germany
Vanuatu Nauru Georgia
Uruguay Myanmar France
United States Montenegro Finland
United Kingdom Mongolia Fiji
United Arab Emirates Monaco Estonia
Timor Leste Moldova Denmark
Switzerland Micronesia Czech Republic
Sweden Mexico Cyprus
Spain Marshall Islands Cuba
Solomon Islands Malta Croatia
Slovenia Macedonia Colombia
Slovakia Macau (China) China Mainland
Serbia Luxembourg Chile
San Marino Lithuania Canada
Samoa Liechtenstein Bulgaria
Russia Latvia Brunei
Romania Korea (South) Brazil
Qatar Kazakhstan Bosnia and Herzegovina
Portugal Japan Belgium
Poland Italy Belarus
Philippines Ireland Azerbaijan
Peru Ireland Austria
Papua New Guinea India Australia
Panama Iceland Armenia
Palau Hungary Argentina
Norway Hong Kong (China) Andorra
New Zealand Greece


Vietnam E-Visa: How to Get It?

The majority of online applications are swiftly processed and permitted. Usually, it takes more or less 72 hours. But if there is any incorrect information or other dispute in the form, then it might take some more time. The approved e-visa is usually sent to the applicant’s email in PDF format. The applicants need to take a print out of that document after receiving it. This print out needs to be shown at the border along with the passport. The border authorities will check everything to permit you to enter Vietnam.

The information which needs to be mentioned in the application form is passport details, travel date, duration, name, and address, date of birth, nationality, security-related questions, and medical histories. Review all the information after filling up the form. Any error or mismatch can lead to unavoidable complications.

After the form fills up, an applicant needs to pay the e-visa fee. It can be paid via debit or credit card. Paypal is also acceptable.

Please note that the Vietnam e-visa fee at the government website is US$25 and it is non-refundable. The fee is higher if you apply your e-visa through an agency.

Vietnam E-Visa: How Long Does it Take?

It takes about three business days to get a Vietnam e-visa. The immigration department should have to receive the details from issuing the e-visa, and at that time, it will be ideal to pay off the e-visa fee. This is a single-entry visa, and for a maximum of 30 days, it will stay active over the course. In this course, you can check out the best details for your e-visa in Vietnam.

You may get the visa in a PDF format. You have to take a print of the copy so that you can produce it upon your landing in Vietnam. As it has been mentioned that you can use it to stay and travel Vietnam for 30 days, you need to remember that when you need to extend the time of visa, you cannot repeat the same thing for an extended stay in the country. This is a matter you need to consider while traveling with an e-visa that will let you pass through the international border during your Vietnam visit.

Vietnam E-Visa: Will it be Accepted Everywhere?

You need to clarify the details about the border accept for Vietnam e-Visa, before or during the time of filing for e-visa. It will be better for the people to know that it may not be as hard as getting the usual visas that people acquire from the embassies.

Border crossing in Vietnam is not a troublesome matter. It is something that can be done correctly so that people can cross the path through the land, air, and water. There will not be a problem with the immigration authority when people would get the support for border gate to accept for Vietnam e-visa. The e-visa is something that allows people to visit and roam freely in a different country.

Vietnam E-Visa: Advantages:

  • The application process is always open 24/7/365.
  • It is a hassle-free and time-saving process; no need to visit the embassy or consulate.
  • Multiple Methods of Payment are available worldwide.
  • It takes three days to get the approved Vietnam e-visa. 

We hope all this information will help you to get the Vietnam e-visa and make your journey comfortable. So if you are from the countries mentioned above, then apply for Vietnam e-Visa and enjoy your trip to Vietnam.


Vietnam is one of the most attractive Asian countries. The vast and copious landscape of Vietnam expands for 1,650 km from north to south.

Introduction Vietnam is a beautiful country situated in Southeast Asia with spectacular mountains, golden sand beaches, and peaceful cities. Therefore it attracts travelers towards itself.

Are you thinking of visiting Vietnam? Then you need to be aware of Vietnam electronic visa or Vietnam e-visa application. Vietnam e-visa is the most comfortable way to get your visa or permission done.