Not only in European and American countries but also in any country including Vietnam, it is a necessary condition to apply for an entry visa before entering the country. However, some people already have a visa but are refused entry at the time of entry, why? In some cases, the customs and Immigration Department has […]

Due to the influence of covid19, tourists visiting Vietnam must download the PC-COVID app. So, what is the PC-COVID app? Why do I have to install it? How to install it? PC-COVID app is an epidemic prevention application developed and put into use in late September 2021.

Since the introduction of landing visas in Vietnam, it has been more and more popular with foreign tourists. To obtain a Vietnamese visa upon arrival at the airport, passengers need to obtain a visa approval letter (entry approval) in advance, then take a flight to Vietnam and affix a visa seal upon arrival at the […]

It is not only of great significance for Guangnan province to welcome international tourists to Vietnam, but also the “turning point” of Vietnam’s international tourism industry in recent two years. After the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism sent a letter to the people’s Committee of Quang Nam province from July 2021 to September 2021, […]